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Austrains News Archive 2011


    Breaking NR Class news!
  • 29-July-2011 - Updates
  • NR Class page - Updated - LINK
  • 25-July-2011 - Updates
  • NEWSLETTER #51 August 2011 version 1a - PDF Download LINK
  • FO Passenger Carriages page - LINK
  • FS / BS / BSR Passenger Carriages page - LINK
  • Latest Images in the Austrains Image Gallery - LINK
  • Secret Models Page Updated - LINK
  • 23-July-2011 - Updates
  • Order Form Page updated...
  • NSWGR Passenger Brake and Mail Van sets - LINK
  • Basix Four Wheel Oil Tanker - LINK
  • NSWGR PME/PMX and GME/GMX wagons - LINK
  • 22-July-2011 - Updates
  • Image Gallery Updated - Basix 4 Wheel Oil Tankers - LINK
  • Image Gallery Updated - NSWGR FS/BS Coaches - LINK
  • Image Gallery Updated - NSWGR FO Platform Cars - LINK
  • FO American End Cars page - LINK
  • Basix Four Wheel Oil Tanker page - LINK


    News flash!


    New Arrivals: The factory surprised us by shipping the X class models early. They were expected around April but the first were air freighted in during the first few days of February. These have now been posted out. If you have not received your ordered models please contact us. Those who didn’t pre order don’t despair. Another shipment of X class is due to arrive by sea sometime in April. Meanwhile we still have some stock remaining from the air freight if you want to try your luck.

    Now that the factories are starting to come back on line after the Chinese New Year shutdown we are starting to get a better idea of our expected delivery schedule for the coming ten months.

    Coming Releases:

    The CL / CLP rerun will now be shipped around mid April, 2011. This gets them here early May. This shipment will contain the QR National CLP’s and also in the shipment will be limited reruns of the CLP in AN Silver / Green and Yellow and the CL in ANR Maroon and Silver and AN Green.  Price for the CL series rerun is $275.00. No deposits will be taken. As usual with reruns it is orders backed up by a cheques or credit card which will not be processed until the models arrive. 
    < Link to CL Class Order Page >

    The quantity of QRN locos in both the above runs will be very limited and at the moment our permission from QRN extends to one run only.

    Oil Tank Wagons:

    First Test Shots due from the factory before Chinese New Year. 15th January.

  • 8-April-2011 - Updates
  • Austrains office will be closed from 8th April to 29th April while we attend exhibitions in Adelaide and Melbourne.
  • During this time the office phone will be diverted through to a mobile phone but there are times when we will be out of mobile coverage.
  • Please be patient if you can’t get through or send an SMS. We will get back to you ASAP.
  • FS / BS Coaches - LINK
  • 17-March-2011 - Updates
  • STOP PRESS! Austrains goes international!
  • NEW! Kowloon – Canton Railway 51 class diesel electric loco - LINK
  • NEWSLETTER March 2011 Version 4 - PDF version - LINK
  • NEWSLETTER March 2011 Version 4 - Online version - LINK
  • News Flash: FO American End Passenger Cars - page updated - LINK
  • Four Wheel Oil Tankers - new delivery date - page updated - LINK
  • NSWGR FS-BS-BSR coaches page - LINK
  • JX-VCPX Cement Hoppers Order Form revised - LINK
  • JX-VCPX Cement Hoppers page - LINK
  • FO American End Cars page - LINK
  • New FO American End Cars photos - LINK
  • New delivery dates for PMX ‘Out of Gauge’ Steel wagon - LINK
  • New delivery dates for GME Original Container wagon - LINK
  • New pages - LHO Passenger Brake Van and KP Mail Sorting Van
  • NN / C35 Class - Steam Locomotives - page updated - LINK


  • 26-Feb-2011 - Updates
  • Austrains News Page - LINK
  • Y Class Page - LINK
  • QRN CLP Class Page - LINK
  • QRN X Class Page - LINK
  • X Class Page - LINK
  • Upcoming Models Page - LINK
  • Secret Models Page - LINK
  • Updated CL/CLP Class Order Form - LINK
  • Updated X Class Order Form - LINK
  • Updated ELX (and variants) Order Form - LINK
  • PME/PMX Out of Gauge Steel Wagon Page - LINK
  • GME/GMX Container Wagon - LINK
  • SOC Bogie Ore wagon and variants - LINK
  • 81 Class - G Class - BL Class pages
  • WHX Page - LINK
  • JX / VCPX Cement Hopper Page - LINK
  • 19-Feb-2011 -
  • FS/BS Coaches page - updated - LINK
  • 9-Feb-2011 -
  • X Class page updated - LINK
  • CL page updated - LINK
  • CLP page updated - LINK
  • 3-Feb-2011 -
  • NSWGR FS/BS/BSR Steel Bodied Coaches - Order Form - LINK
  • Austrains Basix - Four Wheel Oil Tankers page updated - LINK
  • NEWSLETTER #48 February 2011 version 1 PDF Download- LINK
  • NEWSLETTER #48 February 2011 version 1 Online - LINK
  • Exhibitions page updated - LINK
  • New page - Our arrangement with Retailers - LINK
  • NR Class page updated - LINK
  • 2-Feb-2011 -
  • Updated - NSWGR FS/BS/BSR Steel Bodied Coaches Page - LINK


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