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An Announcement from Austrains


Austrains advises that, as part of our plans for retirement, we have sold all of our existing tooling to SDS Models who will continue updating and manufacturing our range of locomotives, coaches and wagons. The corporate structure of Austrains Pty. Ltd. remains with us. Austrains will continue manufacturing in a smaller way to complete several projects we have outstanding. These are the 41 class diesel, four goods / livestock wagons and a couple of steam locos. We also have a large quantity of stock to dispose of so expect to see us around the exhibition circuit, albeit in a slightly smaller way, for the next few years. Our arrangment with SDS Models is that ownership of the tooling for the as yet unreleased models will transfer to them after the first run of models is complete.

All enquiries relating to Austrains brand products should be addressed to Austrains, not SDS Models.

We wish Steven Pracy and his team well with this new venture which, with the combined tooling of SDS and Austrains, will give them a larger variety of product, covering a greater time span, than any other Australian manufacturer.

For our part we will now have time to take things easier, travel a bit more but still maintain a presence in the industry. I may even write a book about my last forty years in the model wholesaling and manufacturing business. That should have a few people running for their solicitors.








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11-August-2015: Austrains NEWSLETTER #70 August 2015 - LINK


27-January-2015: Austrains will no longer be contactable by phone

The office will no longer be manned every day, or every week for that matter, nor will the phone always be switched through to a mobile while we are travelling.
We will still be contactable by email and good old fashioned real letters and will still accept orders placed in these fashions.
However we cannot guarantee immediate delivery of orders or immediate replies to emails. ( So what’s new you may say. )


20-August-2014 Updates:

Surprise! Victorian Railways C Passenger Brake Van - IN STOCK - LINK


5-JULY-2014 Updates:

No!!! Austrains has not been sold. It is no secret that we want to retire and if someone makes us a reasonable offer and comes up with the cash Austrains is for sale. If it is sold our customers will be amongst the first to know. Meanwhile don’t believe what you read on Faceache, sorry  … page.

Newsletter #67 - JULY 2014 - PDF Version

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Important Information

Warning to customers of Austrains Pty Ltd

Be very careful when purchasing product from on-line auction sites. It has come to our attention that a trader on eBay is using the "Austrains" name.

The individual also has other trading names and is not an authorised Austrains dealer, nor does he have any association with Austrains Pty. Ltd whatsoever.

Austrains Pty. Ltd. does not sell its product on eBay or other web-based auction sites. Nor does it sell any other company’s product at all.

Be careful of what you purchase on on-line auction sites. In many cases you could be paying an inflated price for something that is generally available in the normal retail market place for much less.

Austrains Pty. Ltd. will not cover any warranty for goods purchased secondhand through any source other than Austrains Pty. Ltd. direct or an authorised Austrains dealer.

If you have any problems with items purchased in this manner, do not come crying to us.

Unfortunately, you have been warned.


All Austrains products are covered by a 12 month Replacement warranty. In other words we replace rather than repair most items returned to us under warranty. This warranty only applies to items sold by Austrains or by an authorised Austrains retailer. We are currently disputing a warranty claim made by a customer in Queensland for a locomotive purchased in supposed new condition from a retailer who apparently claimed to be an authorised Austrains retailer. It appears that the loco was second hand and the retailer was most definitely not an authorised Austrains dealer. Nor are items purchased second hand over eBay covered by warranty. Be careful. Check the Austrains dealer list on this web site before purchasing a supposed new product.

Our arrangement with Retailers:

Please take note of this to avoid missing out on some models:

For a peaceful life our preference would be to supply all our product to retailers from day one and allow them to do all sales while we disappear into a contented semi retirement. However this is just not a viable option for any manufacturer who wishes to expand their range and stay in business. The reasons for this are many and complicated. Suffice to say that the reason there are so few Austrains retailers usually relates to the inability of many of the retail trade to carry the amount of stock we deem necessary to promote the range as we wish to see it promoted. Current Austrains retailers have proven that they can do the job for us and we are happy to continue supplying them as we can. Surprisingly there are a few retailers who would probably qualify for an Austrains franchise but have never approached us. That is their loss.
The other part of this equation is that the cost of new tooling in China is horrendously expensive. To offset this initial cost we need a markup on cost better than we can get by just supplying retailers. This is why we direct market. Not all Austrains products, especially new tooling items, are available immediately to the retail network. Rolling stock items are especially expensive to tool compared to the retail return which can be made on them. So, while you may walk away with a happy heart after placing an order for a new Austrains product with your friendly neighborhood hobby shop that does not guarantee that you will get it. We have even had recent examples of orders being placed with retailers who are not Austrains authorised dealers. In these cases those placing the orders missed out completely.
Austrains retailers are aware of these conditions when they accept a franchise. Please check availability before placing an order for advance delivery with a retailer.


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