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Currently Available:

Current Model - BASIX Current Model - BASIX
442 Class
704 Mustard Pot
NSWGR C36 Class Victorian Railways Y Class
Current Model Re-Run In Stock
Austrains C36 Class Y159 VLine
NSWGR 80 Class Victorian Railways C Class
Current Model - Basix Range Current Model - Basix Range
8006 Reverse C Class
NSWGR C35 Class NSWGR NN Class
Current Model Current Model
Austrains C3531 NN 1312 Royal Train



Upcoming Releases:

Due: August 2014
Due: July 2014
Austrains 8125 Pacific National Livery Austrains BL Class National Rail Charcoal livery
V/Line G Class
Due: July 2014

FA G Class

National Rail NR Class
Due December 2014




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