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Austrains KKG Horse Box

Austrains KKG Horse Box

Austrains KKG Horse Box


Austrains NSWGR HO Scale KKG Horse Box

Pack Number

Containing 1 each


KKG 001

KKG 1523 & KKG 1529

$175.00 pk/2

KKG 002

KKG 1524 & KKG 1534

$175.00 pk/2


Constructed by Clyde Engineering, Granville, was built as a horse boxes to accommodate 6 horses and their strappers on a tare weight of 20 tons, riding on steel and timber 2SB bogies. Built for the purpose of transporting horses throughout the state, the cars were used extensively during WW1 in order to supply horses to the Australian Imperial Forces serving in Europe and the Middle East. Only 2 examples of the horse boxes remain.

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