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Page Last Updated: 31-AUGUST-2015

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What’s happening with Austrains? 

It is no secret that we have been planning for some time to downsize the operations of Austrains. It will be twenty years next year since the company was established and forty one years since I first took my first tentative steps into the hobby industry after returning from a three and a half year working holiday in England. Now we want to take things a little easier. Unfortunately my A type personality does not allow me to sit around and veg. but the thought of waking up in the morning with nothing to do horrifies me and there are still a lot of fish in the sea to be caught and some ninety five countries I still haven’t been to. We need more time for ourselves but don’t want to entirely close down the business. So, from January  27th,  2015 Austrains will no longer be contactable by phone. The office will no longer be manned every day, or every week for that matter, nor will the phone always be switched through to a mobile while we are travelling. We will still be contactable by email and good old fashioned real letters and will still accept orders placed in these fashions. However we cannot guarantee immediate delivery of orders or immediate replies to emails.   ( So what’s new you may say. )

We will however still be attending exhibitions where we will continue to sell direct to the public and to produce new product and reruns of popular previous Austrains  products. All new Austrains products will be released at exhibitions only and will continue not to be supplied to retailers until the project has broken even as is currently the case.

To fill the gap created by our partial withdrawal from direct marketing we will increase our retailer base. An up to date list of Austrains retailers will be published on our web site. These retailers should be able to meet your needs although some of them inexplicably are only carrying a restricted product range.