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Austrains BL Class Loco - Upcoming

Please Note: AN BL26 is now SOLD OUT


BREAKING NEWS: The strike is over!
G and BL Classes due Mid-Late July, 2014. 81 Class due Mid-Late August, 2014.

Update 23-MARCH-2014:
The first of the G class arrived late January in time for the Corio exhibition. This shipment consisted of three variations only ( 2 x Freight Australia and VR Blue G220). The factory then closed down for Chinese New Year holiday and is only now getting back to work at something resembling full capacity. As a result most of the 81 / G / BL’s were left at the factory with the bodies waiting to be matched to the chassis. There have been further delays with shipments since Chinese New Year. The factory will be giving out a revised shipping schedule soon. The G’s will be followed by the BL’s then the 81 class with the last shipment due around mid-May. We will send orders out as soon as we have all ordered product in stock. For those who have ordered a combination of all three variants you may have to wait until everything arrives. Shipping a few pieces at time is going to confuse things and probably take more time in the long run. Please bear with us. We did say that we would contact everyone by letter before delivery.
This task has proved to be beyond us. There were over 1500 separate customers who have ordered these models with numerous permutations of orders. As such we are now only contacting customers where there are major problems with the order needing resolution. In many cases we are just making a quick phone call to resolve any difficulties. ( It would help if some of you answered your mobiles ).
Production problems. As most of you will be aware there have been major difficulties with some of the factories in China who produce model railway equipment. Unfortunately the factory making the 81/G /BL  project is one of those. Three changes of ownership over the past eight years has resulted in many changes of policy. Where once we were able to have short runs of many different liveries this is no longer the case with two of our three suppliers. As a result the factory informed us in early January that they were limiting the number liveries and numbers they would do and asked us to nominate those liveries we wished to drop. A commercial descision had to be made and we nominated those liveries for which we had least orders. At the same time the factory told us that, for various reasons some numbers would be changed and some variations we still wanted would not be done. We have been requested to place a new order for a second production run very late 2014 but the factory will still not guarantee that we will get everything we want. So while we are still getting the same volume of stock the variants are now reduced. We apologise to those whose choice of models has been restricted. This was totally beyond our control and, like many things which are happening with Chinese manufacturers right now, completely unforeseen. The revised order form shows what locos will be available in the first shipments. If we need to change locos we will contact you. If a change is necessary you will be contacted.

81 class Candy locos:
For some reason there appears to be a problem with the production of the Candy 81 class. We are trying to get an answer from the factory as to exactly what is happening but the office has just returned from CNY and things are a little vague. What we do know is that on a production / shipping schedule received last week the Candy 81 has been put back to last off the production line and shipment after 15th April. The problem does not affect any other models and as the 81 class Candy orders are a small percentage of the overall project we will keep in touch with those customers independently.

Please do not ring us asking where your models are. This only delays things further and infuriates the staff who are trying to pack the orders and get them posted.  If you need to communicate with us an email in best however many of the computer generation seen to think that an email should evoke a response within ten minutes. When you are getting 150/200 emails a day this is not possible. Long complicated epistles giving your life story before getting to the point also cause delays. If you have a problem or a question please keep it succinct.  The price of the 81 / G / BL has now gone up to $295.00. Those with models on order may still order extra models at the old price of $245.00.

  • NB: No further orders will be taken for Sound Equipped models.

The Austrains BL Class - Due Mid-Late July, 2014

Loco Number

Colour Scheme


AN Green and Gold livery

BL 26

AN Green and Gold


BL 28

AN Green and Gold


Pacific National Blue / Yellow

BL 33

Pacific National Blue / Yellow


BL 34

Pacific National Blue / Yellow


No further orders are being accepted for sound locos.
The above numbers are subject to change for technical reasons.


BL Class Order Form:

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