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Austrains advises that, as part of our plans for retirement, we have sold all of our existing tooling to SDS Models who will continue updating and manufacturing our range of locomotives, coaches and wagons. The corporate structure of Austrains Pty. Ltd. remains with us. Austrains will continue manufacturing in a smaller way to complete several projects we have outstanding. These are the 41 class diesel, four goods / livestock wagons and a couple of steam locos. We also have a large quantity of stock to dispose of so expect to see us around the exhibition circuit, albeit in a slightly smaller way, for the next few years. Our arrangment with SDS Models is that ownership of the tooling for the as yet unreleased models will transfer to them after the first run of models is complete.

All enquiries relating to Austrains brand products should be addressed to Austrains, not SDS Models.

We wish Steven Pracy and his team well with this new venture which, with the combined tooling of SDS and Austrains, will give them a larger variety of product, covering a greater time span, than any other Australian manufacturer.

For our part we will now have time to take things easier, travel a bit more but still maintain a presence in the industry. I may even write a book about my last forty years in the model wholesaling and manufacturing business. That should have a few people running for their solicitors.

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